File Viewer Plus Affiliate Linking Instructions

How to Become an Affiliate

If you have not yet registered as an affiliate, it's as easy as clicking "Get Started" below to register with the MyCommerce Premium Affiliate program. Once you're approved, you can start generating commissions immediately.

Get Started

How to Generate File Viewer Plus Affiliate Links

Once you have a MyCommerce affiliate ID, use the links below to set a 45-day cookie and convert your traffic. Simply replace XXXXXXXX with your MyCommerce affiliate ID.

1. Landing page with 20% discount promo:

2. Deep link to any page on (?mid=XXXXXXXXX) with a 20% discount at checkout. For example:

3. Direct shopping cart link with 20% discount:[300995578]=1&COUPON1=fvp4-mc&affiliateid=XXXXXXXXX

More Information

See the Partners page for more information about the File Viewer Plus affiliate program.