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File Viewer Plus Legal Document Viewer

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Whether you need to open client documents, email attachments, or files saved in legacy formats, File Viewer Plus gives you the tools you need.

View over 400 file formats without the need to install other software. Access detailed metadata stored within each file. Identify and open unknown files using the proprietary file identification algorithm.

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Native file review

File Viewer Plus accurately renders over 400 file formats without the need to install the original software.


Collect electronically stored information (ESI) quickly and accurately, including file timestamps, and metadata.

Digital forensics

Easily investigate files. File Viewer Plus enables you to view raw file data, and identifies unknown file types.

File Viewer Plus Spreadsheet Editor

Save time

Don't spend your valuable time installing dozens of software programs and researching unknown file types. Let File Viewer Plus do the work for you. The software intelligently recognizes your files and opens them quickly, saving you time and letting you focus on your case.

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Receive a site-wide license and volume discounts with File Viewer Plus Enterprise — the trusted solution for large legal firms.

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