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Do you want to view and extract the contents of an Android package (.APK) file?

File Viewer Plus can view the contents of APK files and extract the files and folders to a location on your hard drive.

View and extract contents of APK files without 7-Zip. Try File Viewer Plus today!

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What is a .APK file?

Android apps are packaged and distributed as APK files. These packages store all the necessary files for an Android app, such as the compiled resources and application manifest. Typically, Android users don't see APK files because they download and install apps via Google Play. However, some Android users prefer to download APK files directly from websites and manually install the apps.

While File Viewer Plus cannot be used to install APK files on an Android device, the program allows you to extract the contents of the package, much like a ZIP archive. This feature is especially useful for anyone looking to examine or modify files in an Android app package.

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You can extract the contents of an APK file with File Viewer Plus and view the list of files or folders that were extracted.

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