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PPTM file open in File Viewer Plus 5
PPTM file open in File Viewer Plus 5

Do you need to open a PPTM file?

File Viewer Plus can open PPTM (Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation) files. It allows you to view your presentation and convert it to another format, such as PDF, JPEG, or PNG.

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What is a .PPTM file?

PPTM files are presentations that contain one or more embedded macros created by Microsoft PowerPoint. Macros are especially helpful for PowerPoint users looking to save time with repetitive or complex functions, such as formatting slides or modifying imported graphics. PPTM files may store various types of presentations, including lecture slides, vacation photo slideshows, or financial budget presentations.

Microsoft introduced PPTM files when it released PowerPoint 2007. You will most likely encounter PPTM files in business environments to store documents that involve repetitive tasks. For example, you may receive PPTM files from co-workers looking to share macro-enabled presentations with you. If you obtain a PPTM file, File Viewer Plus is an excellent option for viewing the macro-enabled presentation and converting its slides.

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