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Do you need to open a Microsoft Visio stencil file (.VSS file)?

File Viewer Plus can open VSS files! It allows you to select and view each stencil stored in the file.

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What is a .VSS file?

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VSS files store one or more stencils, which may be shapes, objects, or connectors that can be added to a drawing created in Microsoft Visio. When users create and save custom stencils, Visio creates a VSS file to store the stencils. When a user wants to add stencils in the VSS file to their drawings, they can open the VSS file in Visio and import the objects. Some examples of these stencils include arrows, circles, or boxes.

You will most likely only encounter a VSS file if you are looking to import custom stencils into your technical drawing, whether it be a flowchart or other type of diagram. If a co-worker sends you a VSS file with stencils, you can open and view the stencils with File Viewer Plus.

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