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WAV file open in File Viewer Plus 5
WAV file open in File Viewer Plus 5

Do you need to open a WAV file?

File Viewer Plus can open WAV (WAVE Audio) files and includes standard playback options. It also allows you to view the metadata of your WAV files and convert them to MPEG-3 (.MP3) and MPEG-4 (.M4A) formats.

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What is a .WAV file?

WAV files are audio files saved in the WAVE format. Microsoft and IBM developed the format in the early 1990s based on the Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF). The files may store compressed audio but are most often used to store raw, uncompressed audio data as an alternative to compressed audio file types, such as MP3 and M4A.

Since WAV files typically store uncompressed audio data, they are not as common as M4A and MP3 files, which are smaller and easier to share. Therefore, you will most likely not encounter WAV files online. Instead, you will most likely come across WAV files where storage space is not an issue and higher-quality audio is desired, such as system or game audio files. You may also receive WAV files from friends, family members, or co-workers looking to share high-quality audio saved in the WAVE format.

Regardless of how you acquire the audio files, you can use File Viewer Plus to play your WAV files and convert them to the MPEG-3 (.MP3) and MPEG-4 (.M4A) formats at various bitrates and frequencies. If you have many WAV files, you can also batch convert them to MP3 and M4A files.

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