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Do you need to open a Windows Media Audio File (.WMA) file?

File Viewer Plus can open and convert WMA files! It comes with standard audio playback options and allows you to inspect the metadata of your file. You can also convert the audio to the MP3 and MPEG-4 (.M4A) formats and various bitrates and frequencies.

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What is a .WMA file?

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The Windows Media Audio (WMA) format is developed by Microsoft and was introduced in 1999 as an improved alternative to the MP3 format. It features a series of codecs that consist of the original "WMA" codec, the "WMA Pro" codec for higher resolution audio, the "WMA Lossless" codec for compressing audio without losing quality, and the "WMA Voice" codec for voice content. While the WMA format is used to store various types of audio, it is most commonly used to stream music online.

You may acquire WMA audio files in a variety of ways, including when downloading audio from the Internet or receiving audio recodings from co-workers, family members, or friends. You may also find old WMA audio files on your computer that store music or voice recordings. File Viewer Plus can be used to play audio in WMA files, as well as convert the audio to the MPEG-3 (.MP3) and MPEG-4 (.M4A) formats.

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File Viewer Plus WMA Support

Batch Convert

Conversion options:
M4A (AAC) 128-256 Kbps, MP3 64-256 Kbps

Batch conversion options:
M4A (AAC) 128-256 Kbps, MP3 64-256 Kbps

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