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WMV file open in File Viewer Plus 3
WMV file open in File Viewer Plus 3

Do you need to open a Windows Media Video (.WMV file)?

File Viewer Plus can open and convert WMV files! It comes with standard playback options and allows you to inspect the metadata of your file. You can also convert the WMV video to the MP4 format.

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What is a .WMV file?

WMV files store video compressed in the Windows Media Video (WMV) compression format, which was introduced by Microsoft in 1999. The format was widely used by various Windows programs to save video during the 2000s because of its high compression ratio that reduces the file size of the video. However, the WMV format declined in use as technology advanced and other formats were developed that could also produce smaller video file sizes but maintain much better video quality.

While WMV files are not as prevalent as they once were, you may still encounter the video files in a variety of ways, including downloading video from the Internet or receiving video from co-workers, family members, or friends. You may also find old WMV videos on your computer that store short clips or home movies. Regardless of how you acquire the WMV file, you can use File Viewer Plus to play the video. You can also convert the video to the more widely used MP4 format at different resolutions and bitrates.

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