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Do you need to open a Microsoft Excel Open XML macro-enabled spreadsheet (.XLSM file)?

File Viewer Plus can open XLSM files! It includes a professional-quality spreadsheet editor similar to Microsoft Excel, which supports cell formatting, charts, graphics, and mathematical functions. It also allows you to convert your XLSM file to XLSX, XLS, and CSV files.

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What is a .XLSM file?

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Microsoft Excel creates XLSM files to store spreadsheets with one or more embedded macros. A macro is a series of commands that a user can group together as a single button or keystroke command to automate a task. This is especially helpful for saving time with complex or repetitive functions, such as table insertion or data calculation. XLSM files may be used to store all sorts of data in spreadsheets, including quarterly financial reports, family budgets, or employee productivity.

XLSM files were introduced with the release of Microsoft Excel 2007 and have become useful, particularly in office environments, to save spreadsheets that involve complex calculations and repetitive functions. File Viewer Plus is a great alternative to Excel for opening, modifying, and converting XLSM files.

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File Viewer Plus XLSM Support

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Conversion options:

While File Viewer Plus can load the spreadsheet content within XLSM files, it cannot run macros. Additionally, you can edit XLSM files with File Viewer Plus, but edited XLSM files must be saved in another format, such as XLSX or XLS.

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