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HouseNative file review and e-discovery

As a legal professional, you deal with electronic files on a daily basis. Whether you need to open documents, email attachments, downloads, or files saved in legacy formats, File Viewer Plus gives you the tools you need.

View over 300 file formats natively without the need to install any other software. The accurate rendering engine gives you confidence when discovering and collecting Electronic Stored Information (ESI) for the courtroom. The new file identification technology can detect file types even when a file has a missing or incorrect file extension.

Folder and file inspection

Inspect file properties and metadata

For every file you open, File Viewer Plus displays an information panel with file properties and metadata. Discover document authors, locations, timestamps, and other identifying data, then export the information for later review. For advanced analysis, search and inspect files in raw text or hexadecimal formats.

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Save time. Save money.

Don't spend your valuable time installing dozens of software programs and researching unknown file types. Let File Viewer Plus do the work for you. The software intelligently recognizes your files and opens them quickly, saving you time and letting you focus on your case.

File Viewer Plus costs a fraction of many programs that only open one or two file types. Plus you get all the file inspection and analysis tools included for one low price. It's an easy choice.

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