Enterprise Deployment

1. Overview & EULA

File Viewer Plus Enterprise offers licensing and deployment benefits for organizations. Benefits include volume licensing, site-wide activation keys, and the option to automate software installation and license activation. In addition, File Viewer Plus Enterprise allows offline license activation when an organization cannot open network access to the software's online activation server.

NOTE: Enterprise purchases are subject to the File Viewer Plus Enterprise End User License Agreement (EULA). Before purchase, you are required to accept the EULA and sign a Sales Confirmation document. After purchase, you will receive deliverables for software installation and license activation.

2. Download

The latest File Viewer Plus Enterprise software installer is available below in both EXE and MSI versions. The MSI version is a wrapper of the EXE version and can be used to deploy the software through Active Directory via a Group Policy Object (GPO), or through System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). Download the version that suits your deployment environment and read the instructions below for installation and license activation. The MSI and EXE installers should not be used together. Once you install with one version, you should not also use the other version on the same system unless you first uninstall the software. Otherwise, it will result in multiple installations on the same system.

NOTE: Enterprise activation keys can only be used to activate licenses for the enterprise version of the software. You cannot use your enterprise activation key for the single-user version of the software that is publicly available on the Download page.

3. Software Deployment Instructions

To deploy the software, you must perform two steps in sequence:

There are multiple options for performing these two steps. See the sections below to find the method that works best for your environment.

  • Command-Line Deployment

    To silently install File Viewer Plus from the command line with default options, use the following commands. You should run these commands with admin privilege or Windows will block the install with a UAC permissions prompt. For advanced installation, see Installer Options for arguments that can be supplied to the installers.

    • EXE installer:

      fvp_setup_3.3.0.81ent.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART
    • MSI installer:

      msiexec.exe /i fvp_setup_3.3.0.81ent.msi /quiet

    To activate the license, use the following commands, where "C:\path\to\fvp3.exe" is the post-install path to the main program executable ("C:\Program Files (x86)\File Viewer Plus 3\fvp3.exe" by default) and XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX is your activation key.

    • For online activation keys:

      "C:\path\to\fvp3.exe" /activate-online XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
    • For offline activation keys (requires the file path to your enterprise license file as well):

      "C:\path\to\fvp3.exe" /activate-offline XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX "C:\path\to\fvp3-enterprise-lic.dat"

    When activation is complete, a license file is saved to "%PUBLIC%\File Viewer Plus\fvp3.lic", which typically resolves to C:\Users\Public\File Viewer Plus\fvp3.lic.

    Batch Script Deployment (single-step deployment)

    To automate installation and license in a single step, use the following batch scripts:

    Before executing the script, edit the parameters installer_path, install_dir, activation_key, and enterprise_lic_path (enterprise_lic_path is only needed for offline activation):

    :: NOTE: You must run these script with admin privilege for the installer to run silently without displaying a Windows UAC permissions prompt.
    :: NOTE: You must set the variables below before executing the script:
    SET installer_path=C:\Users\Public\fvp_setup_3.3.0.81ent.exe
    SET install_dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\File Viewer Plus 3
    SET enterprise_lic_path=C:\Users\Public\fvp3-enterprise-lic.dat

    If the script was successful, you will see the following output:

    Command Prompt Successful Online Activation

  • MSI Deployment with GPO or SCCM

    To deploy the software with an Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO), or with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), use the MSI version of the installer. Note that the EXE version cannot be deployed with GPO or SCCM.

    Keep in mind that the license activation step must be sequenced after the MSI has finished the software installation. Therefore, you will need to design your deployment to execute license activation after installation is complete.

    • Activate with an online activation key:

      "C:\path\to\fvp3.exe" /activate-online XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
    • Activate with an offline activation key and enterprise license file:

      "C:\path\to\fvp3.exe" /activate-offline XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX "C:\path\to\fvp3-enterprise-lic.dat"

    MSI Configuration and MST Transformation Files

    To customize the installation, you can supply arguments to the MSI installer as well as use .MST transformation files. However, since the MSI installer is a wrapper of the standard EXE installer, configuration options such as file associations and the target installation directory must be specified via a custom property WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS (passed to the EXE), rather than by using typical MSI configuration values.

    Below is a screenshot of the MSI opened in Orca that illustrates how to add sample WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS values. See Software Installer Options for possible WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS values. You can save changes as a new MSI, or you can save your transform as an .MST file and supply it to the installer as follows:

    • msiexec.exe /i fvp_setup_3.3.0.81ent.msi /quiet TRANSFORMS=mytransforms.mst

    FVP Enterprise MSI opened with Orca

  • Manual Deployment

    If you do not wish to use automated or command-line methods for deployment, you can install the software manually using the installation wizard and the license activation window at program startup.

    First, double-click the software installer file to launch the installation wizard, and follow the instructions to complete software installation. NOTE: The MSI installer does not show the installation wizard user interface. If you run the MSI installer manually, it will silently install the software with default parameters.

    Enterprise Installer Wizard

    Next, open File Viewer Plus. Since no license is available on the system, the software displays the licensing window. Choose whether to activate your license online or offline.

    Enterprise License Activation Window

    For online activation, input your activation key and click Register:

    Enterprise Online License Activation Window

    For offline activation, input your activation key, specify the location of your enterprise license file, and click Register:

    Enterprise Offline License Activation Window

Software Installer Options

The EXE and MSI installers support installation options in the list below. When using the MSI installer, you must supply the options with the WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS property, since the MSI is a wrapper of the EXE installer. Below are install commands with identical options provided to the EXE and MSI installers. The MSI installer includes /VERYSILENT, /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES, and /NORESTART by default, so you do not need to specify them.

  • fvp_setup_3.3.0.81ent.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /DIR="C:\Install\To\File Viewer Plus 3"
  • msiexec.exe /i fvp_setup_3.3.0.81ent.msi /quiet WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS="/DIR=""C:Install\To\File Viewer Plus 3"""

You should always specify /VERYSILENT, /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES, and /NORESTART to the EXE installer for silent installation.

When supplying WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS values with quote (") characters at the command line, you must duplicate the quotes.

  • /DIR="X:\installation\directory"
    • Specifies the target installation directory
    • Creates a log file detailing actions taken by the EXE installer during the installation process
    • Instructs the installer not to create the Windows Start menu folder for the program
    • Instructs the installer not to create a desktop shortcut icon for the program
    • Removes the right-click "Open with File Viewer Plus" right-click context menu item
    • Instructs the installer to create only these file associations (a whitelist)
      Use /FASSOC="" to create no file association entries
      Do not use with /NOFASSOC
      Below is the full list of file associations for the latest version of File Viewer Plus:
      • 3fr,3g2,3ga,3gp,3gpa,7z,a2l,aac,ac3,adb,ads,ahk,ai,aif,aifc,aiff,amr,amv,ape,apk,ari,arj,arw,as,asf,asm,asp,aspx,au,au3,avi,bas,bat,bay,bik,bmp,bpk,bpr,bw,bz2,bzip2,c,cab,caf,caff,cbl,cbr,cbz,cfg,cfm,cgi,chm,cin,clp,cmake,cmd,conf,config,cpio,cpp,cr2,cr3,crw,cs,csh,css,csv,cur,cxx,dat,dat,dcm,dcr,dd,dds,deb,deskthemepack,dfm,dfont,dib,dicom,divx,diz,dmg,dng,doc,docm,docx,dot,dotm,dotx,dpk,dpr,dpx,dts,dv,eba,emf,eml,emlx,emz,epub,erl,ex,exr,exw,f,f2k,f4v,f90,f95,fff,flac,flv,for,gif,gsm,gxf,gz,gzip,h,haml,heic,heif,hevc,hfs,hpp,hs,htm,html,ico,iiq,inc,inf,ini,iso,iss,iwb,jar,j,jav,java,jng,jp2,jpc,jpeg,jpg,jpx,js,json,kdc,key,kix,kx,lha,lhs,log,lua,lzh,lzma,m2t,m2ts,m2v,m4a,m4b,m4r,m4v,mht,mhtml,miff,mka,mkv,ml,mlp,mod,mos,mov,mp2,mp3,mp4,mpa,mpc,mpeg,mpg,mpp,mpt,mpx,mrw,msg,mts,mvg,mxf,nef,nrw,nsh,nsi,nsl,nsv,nuv,ob2,odp,odt,oft,ott,oga,ogg,ogm,ogv,oma,opus,orf,pages,pas,pbm,pcd,pct,pcx,pdf,pef,pes,pgm,php,php2,php3,php4,php5,pic,pict,pl,pm,png,pod,pot,potm,potx,ppm,pps,ppsx,ppt,pptm,pptx,prg,ps1,psb,psd,py,qcp,r,ra,raf,rar,raw,rb,rbw,rc,rgb,rgba,rm,rmvb,rpm,rtf,rw2,rwl,sas,scm,sfw,sgi,sh,snd,sql,spx,sr2,srf,srw,ss,st,sty,svg,svgz,tar,tar.bz2,tar.gz,tar.lzma,tar.xz,tar.z,targa,taz,tbz,tbz2,tcl,tex,tga,tgz,thp,tif,tiff,tp,ts,tsv,tta,ttf,txt,txz,v,vb,vdw,vdx,vhd,vhd,vhdl,vob,voc,vqf,vsd,vsdm,vsdx,vss,vssx,vst,vstm,vstx,vsx,vtx,war,wav,wbmp,webm,webp,wim,wma,wmf,wmv,wps,wtv,x3f,xa,xar,xbm,xcf,xesc,xhtml,xls,xlt,xlsm,xlsx,xltx,xltm,xml,xpm,xsd,xsl,xslt,xz,yaml,yml,z,zip,zipx
    • Instructs the installer not to create these file associations (a blacklist)
      Do not use with /FASSOC

Online Activation vs. Offline Activation

File Viewer Plus Enterprise licenses can be activated online or offline. At the time of purchase, you specify which option you'd like to use.

  • Online Activation: The software connects to its online Internet activation server to activate licenses. This type of activation only requires an activation key (delivered at time of purchase), but you must open network access to https://sharpened.com on port 443 to complete activations for your systems.
  • Offline Activation: The software activates licenses without an Internet connection, but both an activation key and an enterprise license file are required. If you choose this activation method, an enterprise license file is delivered to you after purchase. The enterprise license file can be removed from the system after activation is complete. NOTE: Once a computer is activated, the license is valid on the system perpetually. However, enterprise license files expire after an agreed duration, at which point you can request a new file to activate additional licenses.

4. Need Technical Support?

If you need technical assistance, please email the File Viewer Plus support team at support@fileviewerplus.com, or use the Contact Form.