The latest File Viewer Plus Enterprise software installer is available below in both EXE and MSI versions. The MSI version is a wrapper of the EXE version and can be used to deploy the software through Active Directory via a Group Policy Object (GPO), or through System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). The MSI and EXE installers should not be used together. Once you install with one version, you should not also use the other version on the same system unless you first uninstall the software. Otherwise, it will result in multiple installations on the same system.

File Viewer Plus 4 (older version):

NOTE: Enterprise activation keys can only be used to activate licenses for the enterprise version of the software. You cannot use your enterprise activation key for the single-user version of the software that is publicly available on the download page.


Download spell-checking dictionaries for File Viewer Plus Enterprise. To install the dictionaries, please see the Dictionary Installation page for instructions.

NOTE: Spell-checking dictionaries are only compatible with File Viewer Plus Enterprise 4.0.2 and later.

Dictionaries on this page are available under their respective open-source licenses, and the license for each dictionary is included with the download. It is your choice as to whether you can agree to the terms of the license applicable to the dictionary and whether the dictionary is appropriate for your use with the software on your computer.