Frequently Asked Questions


  1. File Viewer Plus Enterprise is a universal file utility for Windows, supporting over 300 file types. It includes licensing and deployment features optimized for large teams and organizations.

  2. While the core features of the single-user and enterprise versions are the same, some differences are listed below:

    • The End User License Agreements (EULAs) are tailored for their respective user types (single-user vs. enterprise).
    • The enterprise version allows automated deployment.
    • Enterprise licenses can be activated offline.
    • Licenses for the enterprise version must be activated before using the software.
    • The enterprise version offers an MSI installer in addition to the EXE installer, as well as customizations for deployment.
    • The enterprise version does not include an automatic software updater or prompts to purchase the software.
  3. No, purchases do not require a subscription. Enterprise licenses are a one-time purchase for each major version of the software (i.e., File Viewer Plus 3, File Viewer Plus 4, etc.). Minor point updates are provided for no additional charge.

  4. Yes, volume discounts are applied based on your total number of users.

  5. Yes. Please contact us for more information if you would like a license for a maximum number of concurrent users.

  6. Please send us a message using the Contact page and include your number of users. We'll be glad to provide you with a quote for your enterprise.

  7. Yes, the File Viewer Plus Enterprise End User License Agreement (EULA) is available. Please note this agreement is tailored for the enterprise version of File Viewer Plus, and is distinct from the single-user EULA available elsewhere on this site.


  1. Yes, File Viewer Plus can be installed on both desktops and laptops as long as you have purchased enough licenses for your total number of users.

  2. Yes, File Viewer Plus can be installed on shared virtual systems as long as you have purchased enough licenses for your total number of users.

  3. Yes, an MSI installer is available for Group Policy Object (GPO) or System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) deployment. Additionally, MSI deployment can be customized with command-line arguments or MST transformation files.

  4. No, enterprise licenses and enterprise activation keys can only be used with the enterprise installer.


  1. No, site-wide activation keys are provided for enterprise license activation.

  2. Yes, an offline activation method is available when an enterprise cannot open Internet access to the online activation server.

  3. Online activation activates licenses over the Internet using an activation key. Offline activation does not require Internet access, but an enterprise license file is required in addition to an activation key.


  1. Yes, we provide technical support for software deployment and support requests. We aim to respond to all support requests within one business day.

  2. You can access the File Viewer Plus technical support team through the Contact page.

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