FVP Manual - Batch Conversion

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Batch Conversion Interface

File Viewer Plus includes an advanced batch conversion interface that allows you to convert many files at once. To open the converter, choose Batch → Open Batch Converter... from the application menu.

Open Batch Conversion Interface

See the screenshot below to view the flow for choosing options and starting a conversion:

Batch Conversion Interface Annotated

When you click Convert, a conversion window pops up and begins the conversion. When conversion is complete, you can go to the target folder to view your files.

Batch Conversion Progress

Batch Conversion Options

There is an extensive list of options for conversion, and their definitions are provided below.

Convert from

The first step is to select the type of files that you want to use for input. The option you choose changes the conversion options on the form.

Batch Convert From

Include the following file types

You can check or uncheck file types from the list so that only files that match particular file extensions are included for conversion. For example, if you uncheck all types except ".bmp - Bitmap Image File," then only *.bmp files are converted.

Batch File Types

Use these conversion options

This part of the form specifies how you want your input files to be converted to output files. The options differ based on which "Convert from" option you choose. Use the tooltips on the form for specific information about the options.

Batch Conversion Options

Convert these files and folders

You can include both folders and files in the list of items to convert. You can either drag and drop files and folders from Windows Explorer or click the Add Files... and Add Folders... button to populate the list. All folders in the list are searched for matching files. See the "Include subfolders" option for details on subfolder searching.

Batch Convert Files and Folders

Output Settings

Batch Output Settings

Batch File Renaming Settings

When you check "Rename files" and click the Settings... button, you are presented with a renaming options window. There are two different ways output files can be renamed from their corresponding input files, either by using a filename counter or by applying add/replace options.

Batch Renaming Filename Counter Batch Renaming Add Replace

Saving and Loading Batch Presets (.fvp Files)

You can save your batch conversion options as presets by choosing File → Save Presets..., and you can save them by choosing File → Load Presets... Presets are saved with the .fvp file extension ("File Viewer Plus") and contain the options you selected for the entire form, including options in the file renaming window. You can save any number of presets to reuse them at a later time.

Batch Save Presets

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