Image Files

File Viewer Plus provides many different image editing features and makes it easy to quickly edit your images by resizing, applying image adjustments, and outputting to your desired image format. It includes several advanced dialogs for fine-tuning your images, such as brightness and contrast controls, as well as controls for adjusting colors, hue, saturation, and luminosity. File Viewer Plus supports over 60 image formats, including raster images, vector images, and camera raws, giving you the ability to work with many different image formats.

To batch convert images, please refer to the section on batch conversion.

Viewing Images

The Home tab in the ribbon contains options for viewing, saving, and printing images. To view metadata stored in the file, click the File Info button to open the File Information panel. If you would like to see the image in its directory and browse related files, click the View in File Browser button to open the File Browser.

Viewing Images

Saving Images

File Viewer Plus allows you to save images to several different formats. To open the save dialog, click Save As in the Home tab or choose File → Save As.... from the application menu. If your selected save format supports advanced save options, you can click the Advanced button to show them. Several formats have advanced save settings, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. These allow you to adjust the output quality of the image, which helps constrain the file size for saved images. You can adjust the quality and preview the file size before saving.

Image Save Parameters

Printing Images

To print an image, simply choose Print from the Home tab. A print dialog displays, allowing you to customize your printed output before sending to the target printer device. File Viewer Plus supports single page image printing as well as multi-page image printing. Below is an example of the print dialog for a multi-page TIFF image.

Editing Images

The Edit tab contains options for modifying your images. Options include resize, select, copy, crop, adjustments, and effects.

Editing Images

Below are descriptions of image editing options that are available in the Edit tab:

Undo & Redo

Easily undo or redo any modifications you have made to your image.


This option allows you to select portions of your image for copying or cropping.

  • Hand tool: allows you to select and drag the image
  • Select rectangle tool: allows a rectangular selection of the image to be chosen, which then can be cropped or have an effect applied to it
  • Select ellipse tool: similar to select rectangle, except it allows an elliptical selection area
  • Select polygon: allows a custom selection area defined by points chosen by the user. To finalize the selection, click the first point for the polygon, which then applies the selection.


This button opens the image resizing dialog, which allows you to choose a custom size and maintain your aspect ratio when resizing.

Image Resize

Image Adjustments

  • Brightness/Contrast
  • Gamma Correction
  • Color Adjust
  • Sharpen
  • Convert to Grayscale (black and white)
  • Remove Red Eye

Quick Effect

Quick effects are a fun feature of File Viewer Plus, allowing you to enhance your photos in a single click. The following quick effects are available:

  • Soft vintage
  • Vintage
  • Heavy vintage
  • Leather
  • Strong Leather
  • Liquid metal
  • Flare


Effects are a more advanced version of quick effects. You can apply and customize filters, such as blur, edges, and emboss. You can also apply bump map, lens, wave, and morphing effects to your image.

Image Effects