File Inspection

The File Inspector

The File Inspector is a tool that allows you to view a file's contents in a raw text or hexadecimal format. The tool is most often helpful for advanced users, but other users may find it helpful as well, particularly when File Viewer Plus cannot view a file in its "native" format. The File Inspector is accessible from the Inspect button in the Home tab of the ribbon.

File Viewer Plus Inspector

After opening the File Inspector, three views are available:

  • Text View: displays a raw text view of the file
  • Hex View: displays the hexadecimal representation of the file
  • Icon View: displays all sizes of the file's icon
File Viewer Plus Text View
Text View
File Viewer Plus Hex View
Hex View
File Viewer Plus Icon View
Icon View

The Text and Hex views let you see "inside" of a file of virtually any size. You can locate hidden information, identify unknown files, or identify file signatures based on these views. Both of these views are searchable so that you can find information quickly without having to manually scan through the file.