Text Documents

Editing Documents

File Viewer Plus provides a full set of document editing tools organized into various ribbons, allowing you to modify your text documents before printing them or saving them to a variety of formats. You can use the formatting toolbar or the right-click context menu to change the styles or structure of the document. The document ruler allows you to adjust document margins. The following ribbon tabs will be present when viewing or editing documents.

Document Ribbon

Document Document Ribbon

Insert Ribbon

Document Insert Ribbon

Page Layout Ribbon

Document Page Layout Ribbon

References Ribbon

Document Referencess Ribbon

Review Ribbon

Document Review Ribbon

View Ribbon

Document View Ribbon

Searching Documents

You can search your document by choosing the binoculars icon in the Document ribbon or using the Ctrl+F key shortcut. Once activated, a search bar appears and allows you to find text within your document. To search for the next occurrence, click the next button or use the F3 function key. Click the Done button to close the search bar.

Saving Documents

To save a document, choose Save or Save As in the Home ribbon. The list of save options are provided by the dialog window. Note that if you open a Microsoft Word document and save it as PDF, Rich Text, Plain Text, or HTML, the saved document will be converted to a different format but the original Microsoft Word document will not be overwritten.

Saving Documents

To batch convert documents, please refer to the section on batch conversion.

Printing Documents

To print a document, simply choose Print in the Home ribbon. A standard print dialog displays, allowing you to choose which pages to print, the number of copies, and which target device to use for printing.

Printing Documents