What is File Viewer Plus?

File Viewer Plus is a file viewer and converter that allows you to view and convert over 300 different types of files. The software has been designed in a way to make it easy to open, edit, and save files of various kinds.

Opening Files

To open a file in File Viewer Plus, choose Open a file from the Start screen or select File → Open a file... from the program menu. When opened, File Viewer Plus intelligently recognizes the file and displays it. In addition, File Viewer Plus displays whatever information it can about the file.

Note: You can also drag and drop any file onto the program window to open it.

Open a file

After opening your file, File Viewer Plus displays one or more ribbon tabs that contain various tools depending on the type of file opened. Also, File Viewer Plus allows you to have multiple files open at the same time and organizes them in file tabs.

Open a file

File Information Panel

The Home ribbon includes a File Info tool, which opens a file information panel on the left of the document. The panel displays information about the file and is customized for different file types. To show or hide the information panel, click the File Info button in the ribbon.

Open a file

Here are descriptions for the different sections shown in the left file information panel:

  • File Information: Technical information about the file, including the file type, size, and when it was last modified. This information is similar to what you see when you view file properties in Windows.
  • Document Information: This displays metadata about the specific file type. Different types of files will show different kinds of metadata. Images, for example, will show EXIF data and other metadata if available. Multimedia files will display codecs, track information, and other media information.
  • FileInfo.com Information: File Viewer Plus is linked to the FileInfo.com database, which provides information about thousands of different file types. If the file extension (e.g., .DOCX, .PDF, .JPG etc.) matches a file extension from the FileInfo.com database, then this section displays matching file types. Note that there are some file extensions that have multiple file types. For example, a .DAT file could be one of several different types. If you would like to read more about the file type, click the View at FileInfo.com button.

Lastly, you can export the information from the left file information panel to a text file by choosing File → Export File Info... from the program menu.

Unknown Files

If File Viewer Plus shows "File Viewer Plus could not open this file," then the file is not recognized.

This could be due to a few reasons. First, File Viewer Plus may not support this format (see the File Types page for supported file types). Secondly, it's possible that this file is corrupt. For example, if the file has the file extension .JPG and File Viewer Plus says that it could not open the file, it is likely that this is not a valid JPEG image. Lastly, the file itself may not ever be meant to be viewed. For example, system files, such as .DLL or .SYS files, are not meant to be viewed like traditional image files are.

No Main View Available

The File Inspector

File Viewer Plus provides the File Inspector, which allows advanced users to view files in a raw format. These views are accessible from the Inspect button in Home ribbon.


The Text view displays a raw text view of the file, and the Hex, or hexadecimal, view displays the hexadecimal representation. The icon view shows the different icon image sizes used by Windows to display the file in the Windows Explorer.

Text and Hex views are useful for inspecting the contents of files. Users can locate hidden information, identify unknown files, or identify file signatures based on these views. Each of these views are searchable so that you can locate information quickly without having to scan manually through the file. File Viewer Plus can display files of virtually any size with these two views.

User Interface Skins

File Viewer Plus provides two user interface skins, File Viewer Plus Blue (the File Viewer Plus default) and File Viewer Plus Dark. You can change the skin from the application menu by choosing File → Preferences... → User interface theme → File Viewer Plus Blue or File Viewer Plus Dark → OK.

Skin Options

Batch Conversion Interface

File Viewer Plus includes an advanced batch converter that allows you to convert hundreds or thousands of files at once. Open it by choosing Convert files from the Start screen or File → Convert files... from the application menu.

Open Batch Conversion Interface

Specify your batch job parameters and then click the Convert button to start a conversion. To read more about batch conversion, please see the Batch Conversion section.

Batch Conversion Interface