File Viewer Plus 3 Icon User Manual

PDF Files

Table of Contents

Navigating PDF (Portable Document File) documents

File Viewer Plus provides several tools for viewing your PDFs. To navigate through your document, use the VCR buttons in the bottom toolbar or scroll through the document with your mouse. You can also toggle between four viewing modes.

Viewing PDFs

Searching PDFs

You can search your PDF by choosing Find in the Home ribbon or by using the Ctrl+F key shortcut. To search for the next occurrence, hit <Enter> again or use the F3 function key.

Searching PDFs

Saving and Converting PDFs

To batch convert PDF files, please refer to the section on Batch Conversion.

While PDF documents cannot be edited, you can convert them with four different options by clicking Save As in the Home ribbon.

Saving and Converting PDFs

Output Formats

  • PDF: A new PDF file will be created with a selective page range.
  • JPEG: Each page of the PDF file will be output as a JPEG image.
  • PNG: Each page of the PDF file will be output as a PNG image.
  • Text: The entire text within the PDF will be exported to a plain text file. The PDF engine uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to recognize text and generally does a good job. However, the text that is captured may not be perfect.

Additional Save Options

  • Start page: The start page of the current PDF to use for export.
  • End page: The end page of the current PDF to use for export.
  • DPI: DPI (dots per inch) specifies the resolution of output images. The greater the DPI, the larger the dimensions of the output images will be. This option is only available when the output format is JPEG or PNG.

Printing PDFs

To print a document, simply choose Print in the Home ribbon. A standard print dialog displays, allowing you to choose which pages to print, the number of copies, and which target device to use for printing.

Printing PDFs